Unseen Alexander McQueen Footage Released

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     On Sunday August 2, 2015, the "Savage Beauty" exhibit on Alexander McQueen ended at the the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The exhibit was a huge success and according to Yahoo, over 480,000 tickets were sold over the 21-week run. To end with a bang, Nick Knight, photographer and long time collaborator with McQueen, released a short film to pay tribute to the iconic designer. Knight explained to told Huff Post UK Lifestyle why McQueen has remained beloved in the fashion world, "Lee had a great ability to speak very strongly and with a lot of truth about how he felt and that's why his work makes a connection with so many people, you're seeing somebody‚Äôs heart and soul." The film titled, "Lee Alexander McQueen, 1969-2010: Fashion Film - Nick Knight/ Edward Enniful / Alexander McQueen" is about three minutes of unseen footage of McQueen's most popular pieces. The film was created with 3-D animations giving a hauntingly beautiful appreciation for McQueen, who passed away in 2010.

Watch the video below