The Blogger on a Mission to End Cyber Bullying

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     "My Pale Skin," a blog started by Londoner, Em Ford is making headlines worldwide. Ford, who is also a former model battles with acne and decided to post pictures on social media of her face both bare and with make-up on over the last few months. She received a lot of negative and cruel comments and decided to retaliate with her newest video entitled "You Look Disgusting."

     The video shows her naked skin and flashes some of the comments she has received. Some include, "I cant even look at her," and "revolting." In contrast, when her make-up is fully done she has received comments such as, "You look amazing," "This should be illegal," and "You're so ugly, thats why you wear makeup." The video was posted in the beginning of the month, and has since had nearly 14 million views.

     With so much attention, BBC interviewed Ford and gave the public a better sense of her motivation behind it. Ford explained to BBC that the video is driven to help put a stop to internet bullying, "The problem with social media is that people forget that there is somebody else at the end of the keyboard." Em Ford is the perfect example of the type of bravery the world needs more of in order to stop this vicious cycle of cyber cruelty. 

See the video below