Gigi Hadid for W Magazine September Cover

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Steven Meisel

     Gigi Hadid is only 20-years-old and has stolen the spotlight in the fashion world. She is strikingly fierce on the cover for W Magazine's September issue, dressed in nothing but a Dolce & Gabbana fur coat. The photo shoot was styled by Edward Enniful featuring top designs combined with some partially nude shots and executed perfectly by photographer Steven Meisel. Readers also get to know a more personal side of the model with the feature interview. W Mag reported that after they asked her what to think when you're walking down the runway, she responded, "You wanna be, like, grateful but not excited. Hungry but not starving.” The magazine also named her "the most connected supermodel," attributing to her millions of Instagram followers and high profile family friends. The rest of the interview can be read in the full issue. 

Catch an inside video below of Gigi show her catwalk secrets.