How to find models for your photoshoot

I will divide my answer to online and offline. 

Offline : 

1) Fashion shows (fashion week , etc...).

    Someone had mentioned before picking up models from the audience, I did that with relative success .

2) Fashion related trade shows. I had great discoveries there, recruited dozens over the last 2 years. 

    Seems like more and more are popping up in the last few years, you will find a lot of interesting faces walking the isles and between the booths .

3) Fashion Meetup group ( ) - whether the models subscribed to the group, coming with a friend or part of the presentation team, I found it easy to approach them in this setting .

Online : 

While MM become too saturated, and CL quality of models is highly questionable, I found going to a more niche sites work the best for me. - star now is a paid site, collecting fees from both the photographer and the model, which ensure more serious people. Problem is that I had a number of casting calls with too few applicants. bottom line it's a gamble, when it's working it's great, when it doesn't you loose money and time . - I pretty much adopted them as my casing calls center, two reasons - 

1. They have casting call management interface that makes my life easier .

2. They actually proactively searching and contacting models on behalf of my casting call, so I get more quality candidates . - I had relatively good results casting for video ads, not so much for photoshoot . 

Bonus Round : 

Networking NETWORKING NETWORKING .... I recruited more models through networking than any of the above channels. 

Obviously keeping in touch with models I've worked with in the past is essentials, many times I will work with the same model multiple times, or just ask them to refer other models for a specific shoot. 

I also like helping other photographers find the perfect models for their shoot. Naturally some will reciprocate, and will help me when I recruit models for one of my photoshoots.