KFC Announces an All in One Printer and Chicken Bucket

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     In celebration of its 60th anniversary in Canada, chicken franchise, KFC released a video on its Facebook page introducing their upcoming limited edition chicken bucket named "Memories Bucket." The chicken bucket will simultaneously be a Bluetooth portable photo printer. The video shows a group of friends gathered around a picnic table, eating chicken and snapping photos of each other on their cellphones. It displays how easy printing will be as the friends select which photos they want and then the photos are printed with a click of a button. The video features the slogan "A new way to make memories around a bucket," and has certainly sparked the public's curiosity on this unique take on selling chicken and printers. The chain is certainly making headlines in the photography world with this new creation. KFC has yet to give more details on the bucket, but notes that more information will be coming soon.

See the clip below