Top Tips to Bring Your Career to the Next Level Via Social Media

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     Social Media has crazed the entire generation, and it has become one of the biggest mediums of self-advertisement. It is time for everyone to take a hold of kick-starting their own careers and hop aboard the social media train. Recently there have been many accounts that have gained mass recognition ranging from models, photographers, singers,  comedians, etc. 


You need to be your biggest fan. If you can't sell yourself as being the best why would anyone else believe in  you? Start off by Working on your profile. Make yourself stand out by only posting flattering pictures, you want people to stumble on your page and be wowed. The better your profile is and the more notoriety you have, the more people will want to work with you. If you aspire for modeling to be your career than you must  take it seriously and be legitimate. Always remember that "selfies" do not count as professional photographs. Having a strong portfolio is essential, make sure it has enough content. Your portfolio should expand as needed, and having a low budget is no excuse for a lack of variety. There are plenty of photographers that will do TF's and let you keep photos for a portfolio rather than paying you for your time. Be sure to keep all other social media profiles flattering as well. Although your frappucino looks delicious, how is that picture going to help your career? Every move you make should be intentional and well thought out in hopes to further promote yourself. There is no rule that says you are limited to having one profile, if you feel the need to have a more personal account then separate the two. As long as you maintain one as professional and solely to benefit your career, than that is all that matters. It is free and the best form of advertisement to get you started.



As silly as it may sound, hashtags were created for a reason. Be aware of what is trending and add the most popular hashtags being used. This will help people find you and since you have already been working on your profile, they most likely will follow you. It is likely that if someone were searching the hashtags you used, they are interested in the type of pictures you're posting which gives them more incentive to follow you. So hashtag, hashtag, hashtag! It is also helpful to add your location. This will increase the amount of people and organizations that are able to find your account, and getting them there is half the battle. As weird as you may think direct messaging is, it's not. There are plenty of pages/accounts that are dedicated to featuring models, photographers, make-up artists etc. Send a flattering picture over with your information and ask to be mentioned. What is the worst thing that can happen? If they don't feature you that's okay, you have nothing to lose. So, take risks and sell yourself!! The more popular of a page you can get featured on, the better because that means more potential followers. The more followers you gain, the more recognition you will get. 

     Tip 3. CONNECT

Connect all of your social media platforms together. Sharing links between your various websites is a sure way to increase exposure. Posting on other sites makes people aware of your other accounts and will help to create more traffic to your profiles.


Maintaining your social media accounts can sometimes feel like a full time job. Be sure to post frequently so that it doesn't seem like you have forgotten about your profiles. Don't overdo it by posting ten photos in one day, you want people to stay interested not get annoyed. Keep your work updated so that people can see what you have been doing and how you have grown as a professional.

     Tip 5. NETWORK

Get involved within the industry and meet people. Search for suggested friends or followers to find people with similar interests. One of the keys to success is building and maintaining relationships. Reply to everyone that reaches out or comments to you, do not ignore anyone. You want to build a good reputation and encourage others to establish professional connections with you.