About Fotoshoot.com

About our new photographers and models community

At Fotoshoot.com, you will be able to find professional models, makeup artists, hair stylists and other cast members to put together your perfect photo shoot.

We serve our members for free, and use our talented moderators to maintain the highest standard of this community.

How are we different

Fotoshoot.com hires an impressive panel of developers and designers to ensure very sophisticated community that provides with features no other talent site can offer.

By separating and dividing the members to levels of experience and professionalism, using our moderators and special algorithms we took one step closer to matching professional but also less experienced models to the photographers they belong to.

Education Center

While our development team is working hard on Fotoshoot.com, feel free to browse our education center.
Here you will find information for models, photographers, makeup artists, photoshop experts, etc...