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Re:Quest Model Mgmt.

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36 East 20th Street
7th Floor
New York, NY10003
Tel.: (212) 529-4130
Fax: (212) 529-4253
Founded in the spring of 2000 in New York City, ReQuest Model Management has grown into a leading full service model management agency, representing and developing talent to meet the ever changing needs of the fashion industry.

Starting with six models and a few clients, ReQuest Model Management now represents and manages leading talents, including David Agbodji, Emily DiDonato, Artur Kulkov, Cole Mohr and Yuri Pleskun.

ReQuest models can currently be seen in the worldwide advertising campaigns of Armani, Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabanna, as well as others.

ReQuest models have graced the pages of top fashion magazines, including Vogue, Numéro and GQ. ReQuest Models are ever present on the exclusive runways of Prada, Chanel, YSL and Givenchy.

ReQuest has proven its consistent ability to determine the correct development strategy for each of our models. This assures the type of personal management each new face requires. The synergy created between ReQuest Model Management and our clients has made ReQuest one of the most respected and sought after agencies in the world.